What is PMEF

St. Petersburg International Economic Forum (PEMF) is infamously referred to as “Russian Davos”. Each year PEMF takes place with the participation of the President of the Russian Federation and gathers more than 2,500 leading politicians, businessmen, scientists, members of the public and journalists from all over the world. Traditionally, the event lasts three days. The forum discusses the most pressing issues facing Russia and the entire world community.

Every year the status of the St. Petersburg International Economic Forum grows, as well as the number of people wishing to participate in it grows. Representatives of business of SPIEF give the opportunity not only to get up-to-date information first hand and discuss the most important issues, entrepreneurs also get the opportunity to conclude profitable deals. So in 2011, 68 agreements worth 338 billion rubles were signed at the forum, in 2012 the number of agreements increased to 84, and the total amount of transactions — to 360 billion rubles.

SPIEF organizers pay attention not only to the business part of the program, but also to the cultural part. Most such events are held exclusively for forum participants, but there are exceptions. For example, an open concert on Palace Square in St. Petersburg, which is attended by famous foreign artists.

In 2012, the SPIEF was held from 21 to 23 June under the motto “Effective Leadership”. More than five thousand people attended the event. Among them are 290 representatives of official delegations from 77 countries, 1,018 representatives of Russian business and 942 representatives of foreign business, 157 heads of the largest foreign and 447 Russian companies. The main theme of SPIEF-2012 was the issues related to minimizing the impact of the global economic crisis and preventing its new wave.

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