What is Perunov Day

Perun in Slavic mythology was the god of thunder and lightning, as well as the patron of the prince and all his friends. The day dedicated to him was primarily a celebration of warriors, during which there were initiations, competitions, duels, etc. It was also customary to sacrifice a great god. A few days before the holiday with the help of a special lot determined what exactly will be sacrificed. Most often it was about bulls, which were later tempered and on Ilyin day, but could choose and a rooster. Also the lot could indicate that money should be brought as a gift or it is necessary to hold ritual duels. Preparing for the holiday, Slavs brewed special ritual beer and baked pies.

At the very beginning of the feast of Perun it was customary to organize a solemn procession and to praise the god of the thunderstorm. After that, men folded their weapons in a specially prepared place, an animal or bird were sacrificed to god, and then the priest talked weapons, with the blood of the victim covered the foreheads of the warriors, and over the fire consecrated the warblers. After the end of the ritual, the men took their mascots, knives, axes, swords, etc.

Next the fight between Vélez and Perún, in which was invariably defeated by the god of the thunderstorm. After that, ritual gifts were burned, and ash fell asleep, creating something like a grave over which special military rites were performed. This grand ritual was completed with a feast, during which it was necessary to remember all fallen warriors of Russia and to make speeches in their honor. Various playthings, competitions and other fun were organized. Rites of initiation of young men into warriors were also held, which included a number of trials.

However, on Perun’s day it was not enough for the glorious warrior to win in duels and competitions. Until late evening cheerful playfulness was held, after which each warrior had to find a woman who would agree to spend the night with him. Military fun in this way was replaced by love outfits, which continued at times until the very morning.

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