What is MMCF

In the list of top category festivals, the MMKF is one of the oldest. Three years earlier, in 1932, only the Venice Film Forum was held. The first Moscow competition was organized with Stalin’s personal support, and the very first film in its history was “Chapayev”. However, it was a one-off event that only became regular after 14 years – since 1959 the MMCF had been held every two years. Since 1999, the festival has been organized annually and since the same moment in the history of the forum, it is directed by the president of the film review Nikita Makhalkov – the most, perhaps, known in the world director living in Russia.

The main program of the film festival of recent years includes at least 12 paintings, which are rated by the “Grand Jury” of invited Russian and world celebrities in the field of film art. They determine the winners in five main categories, which are awarded the main prizes of the MMKF – statuettes “Saint George”. Sergey Bondarchuk became the winner of the main award of the Moscow Film Festival with the ordinal number 1 (1959) – so was marked his painting “The Fate of Man”. And the winner of the last of the completed (33rd) competition is Spanish film director Alberto Morias – his film “Waves” (Las Olas) won in the main program.

This summer, the 34th Moscow Film Festival is held, which on June 21 was opened with the screening of the feature film “Dukhless”, produced by Roman Prygunov according to Sergei’s story Minaev’s “Dyxless. The tale of a false man.” The picture of the closing of the festival will be the film “Beloved” (Les bien-aimes) by the French director Christophe Honoré. In total, the main program includes 17 feature films, and in addition there is also a separate competition “Perspectives”, composed of 13 films, a program of short films (9 participants) and documentary films (7 films). Off-competition films, broken into 22 categories, are also planned. This year’s MMCF is due on June 30.

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