What is Le Web 2012

The history of LeWeb’s annual conference began in the early years of the new century, when it was organized as a meeting of web bloggers to discuss their challenges, prospects for development and the exchange of new ideas.$ Since 2004, one of the main organizers of the forum was Loic Le Meur – the most popular blogger in France of the time. To attend the December 2006 meeting, he was fortunate to attract world-famous people such as Shimon Peres, Nicolas Sarkozy and French politician Francois Bayrou. Since then, the popularity of LeWeb has grown every year, always gathering influential people, media professionals and politicians in the field of creating and promoting Internet projects. Today it is no longer so much a bloggers conference, but a place where teams of promising start-up projects find investors interested in them.

The main is considered to be the annual meeting in Paris, which takes place each year in early December. The last two-day Paris forum in 2011 brought together more than 3,500 web technologists, entrepreneurs and politicians from 76 countries, including Russia. From our country his new project was presented, in particular, by the founder of the dating site Mamba.ru Andreev. This time, he humbly signaled that he was going to build a company of one hundred million dollars on the basis of the already operating budo date-based social network.

However, interest in this forum is growing so actively that the organisers decided to hold an additional conference in the summer of 2012 in London. It took place in Westminster Central Hall, located by the famous Abbey. For the first time, a competition of Internet projects was held here, 16 most promising startups were selected for participation in the final stage in London.

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