What is Kalimat

In Russian translation “Kalimat” means “Words”, all months of this calendar are named after the attributes of God — “Greatness”, “Will”,” Perfection”, etc. The beginning of the thirteenth month of Kalimat (or, in other ways, the Feast of the Nineteenth Day) is considered a great holiday, it is an important day for the followers of the Bah

The holiday serves several functions: spiritual, administrative, social. Apart from Kalimat, Bahá’ís mark the beginning of other months, that is, gather every nineteen days.

The concept of the feast remains unchanged throughout the history of the Bahá’í Faith. Followers of the faith gather together, exchange information about the life of the community, communicate, recite the scriptures and prayers. Through joint discussion of pressing issues, believers feel part of the community, united by shared spiritual aspirations.

During the first part of the festival, the faithful recite the scriptures and prayers, creating an atmosphere of spiritual unity. After the spiritual part, there is a time of administrative matters. Believers are informed of the decisions of the Local Spiritual Assembly (they are generally made on the basis of the proposals of the previous Feast). The Community Treasurer reports on the financial situation. All members present, including children and teenagers, discuss common affairs, exchange news.

The Kalimat holiday at the local level is a link between the community and the administration of the national and international level. People listen to the administration’s messages and can send back their recommendations, thus everyone participates in the collective renewal of society.

The holiday ends with friendly communication, treats. Depending on the wishes of the participants, the final part of the Kalimat festival may include music, games, performances by artists and other entertainment.

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