What is in Lent by the day

Throughout Lent, meat, fish, dairy products, eggs and wine are excluded from the diet. The church charter distinguishes the following degrees of abstinence from food — total abstinence from eating, dryvorous (eating raw vegetables and fruits, nuts and bread), “boiling without oil” (boiled or boyish vegetables without cooking oil) “boiling with spruce” (hot food cooked with vegetable oil), permission for fish or fish caviar.

The first and last weeks of fasting are the strictest time regarding abstinence from food. In the first two days of fasting according to the monastery charter — total abstinence from food. On Wednesday, Thursday and Friday, dryvorous is allowed — bread, raw or leavened vegetables and fruits, nuts. Hot food with vegetable oil (“boiling with oil”) is allowed on Saturday and Sunday.

On the other days of Lent, except the first and last week, the Church Charter established the following post: on Monday, Wednesday and Friday, on Tuesday and Thursday, is allowed to taste hot food without cooking oil (“boiling without oil”), on Saturday and Sunday — hot food with vegetable oil and a small amount of wine (“boiling with oil”).

On the Day of the Annunciation of the Blessed Virgin Mary, which is celebrated on 7 April and may fall on any day of the week, it is permitted to eat fish which can be eaten in the feast of the Lord’s Entrance in Jerusalem or Palm Sunday. On Lazareva Saturday, which falls on the sixth week of fasting, on the eve of Palm Sunday, the Church Charter gives permission for fish caviro.On Passion Sedmica Church establishes strict fasting, as well as at the first Sedmica. Dryvorous is allowed on Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday. On Good Friday, complete abstinence from food is prescribed. On the Saturday before Easter – a dryvode.

It is hard for an ordinary layman to fast completely according to the charter, it is necessary to count his strength. Orthodox people have a tradition of taking blessing for a post from a priest who must be aware of your health problems, or hard work that requires a huge cost of physical strength. Older people, children, as well as pregnant and lactating women who may not fast or, for example, abstain only from meat. Do

not forget that fasting is a time not only of abstinence and restrictions in food, but also the most important post internal, which includes getting rid of passions, repentance, reconciliation with people, purification of the soul and abstinence from the celebration of the time, and entertainment activities. As the Reverend John Cassian said: “One bodily fasting cannot be sufficient to the perfection of the heart and purity of the body unless it is connected to it and the fasting is soulful.”

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