What is iCar


idea of Steve Jobs and Volkswagen chief Martin Winterkorn was to have all new Volkswagen cars equipped with custom interfaces like Apple Cover Flow. The iCar pilot project was conceived as a compact microlitrate for young consumers, combining design ideas and technical innovations from both companies. The fact remained: the concept car was not shown life-size in any exhibition. And what of the conceived turned out, it is unknown.

But Apple has left no attempt to discover new markets for high-tech automotive components. After a while she signed a contract at BMW to integrate its products into Bavarian cars and then with Mercedes Benz, on which she took up the development of a fundamentally new navigation system .

Since then the term iCar has ceased to be the proper name of a particular car and has come to denote the concept of creating a car as part of the environment in which it is connected to a home multimedia system and to the Internet. In other words, the iCar concept sees the car as a symbiosis of a means of movement and a multifunctional multimedia center. The

idea began to be gradually implemented by many automakers. It all started with the fact that multimedia car systems became compatible with the iPod and iPhone. Technologies are being developed to replace the normal ignition key with the owner’s individual iPhone.

According to this concept, the instrumentation and certain controls will be changed. The instrument panel will have the look of a computer display, and part of the controls will be replaced by a touch display and human speech recognition system. Separate controls are conveniently located on the steering wheel.

All these technologies, in whole or in part, can be found in the novelties of the world automotive industry. Farther than the rest advanced Japan’s Mitsubishi Corporation in its Mitsubishi i, created under the influence of iCar ideas. From domestic manufacturers, elements of the iCar concept were implemented in hybrid Yo-mobile.

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