What is dangerous

Scientology is called a church, sect, cult, social organization. She has a huge fortune, a multimillion-dollar army of band members and a great influence around the world. Scientologist missions and centers are scattered across the planet.

Ron Hobbard’s Church does not accept criticism and is very aggressive towards disagreeing with its teachings. Scientology has been studied by many sociologists, psychologists, and other scientists. Researchers say former members of the sect are devastated and exhausted emotionally and psychologically. These people after fleeing from the ranks of Hobbard supporters are in prostration and Donelzya are intimidated. All of them lost their money and virtually all property.

Scientology develops a mass of programs aimed at siphoning funds out of a gullible population. There’s psychotherapy, and sets of business methods, educational systems for children, and help with getting rid of alcoholism and drug addiction. It’s enough to be interested in one of the courses as you get on the hook of Scientologists.

People who convert in one way or another to Hubbard’s church have some difficulties in life, they expect to find real effective help. At first one feels support and euphoria from being in common with such a powerful organization. But Scientologists are quick to subdue the will of the new member and control all his actions, they forbid contact with critically minded people.

What is most surprising is that this teaching attracts intelligent educated members of society as well: lawyers, scientists, doctors, teachers, influential politicians. Very often these people would easily part with the large amounts of money that were required to pay for a course of Scientology sessions. These rituals cost about a thousand dollars at a time and are needed for a full purification before joining the sect. Of course, the cost varies easily depending on the material position of a potential member.

When frustrated adepts began to leave Hubbard’s church en masse, they began to be harassed and put on legal action. But in response, former cult members filed counterclaims against Scientologists and won them.

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