What is AppStore

Works the AppStore in close connection with the specially designed iTunes Store app. The database of this mall contains more than 600,000 apps – both paid and free. Naturally, if you download your app without paying, it will be a truncated version. To get full, you will have to pay the purchase.

From the pros, one can highlight the fact that most apps cost between $0.99 and $9.99. Of course, this applies only to the simplest applications. If you want to install complex software license equipment on your iPhone, iPad or iPod, it will cost an order of magnitude less.

All payments in the AppStore store are made with a credit card. It is tied to Apple’s individual device number and is responsible for all operations carried out with this device. So, for example, if you want to buy a game, you need to enter your password from the AppStore store, after which the purchase will be made. A receipt with confirmation of purchase will come to the e-mail.

The convenience of working with the app is that if for some reason money is taken off the card and the app is not bought, it is easy to contact the AppStore or iTunes Store support group. and you will definitely be helped. Only it should be taken into account that communication with the company’s specialists is only in English.

In the online AppStore store, all apps are divided into 20 groups. These are both books and games and applications for health, sports, concerning education, medicine and other basic areas. In the

spring of 2012, a 25-billion-dollar download was registered in the AppStore store. All applications have their own electronic certificate, which defines it as a reliable program. In case someone tries to hack a program or starts sending spam from its addresses, developers will be in major trouble. After all, it is their responsibility that includes the complete safety and cleanliness of all offered products. That’s why AppStore apps are considered to be among the most reliable.

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