What is a botnet

Malware Infected Computers, networked, are powerful cyber weapons and a wonderful way to enrich themselves for the one who runs it. At the same time, the attacker can be anywhere in the planet where there is internet.

Usually botnets perform large-scale criminal tasks. For example, sending spam from infected machines can give earnings to a spammer of 50-100 thousand dollars a year. At the same time, sanctions that can be applied to the mail address from which spam is sent, touch only owners of infected machines. In other words, they will accept all the negative consequences of spamming. Botnets are used for cyberblackmail as well. A powerful computing network can, on the orders of an attacker, launch an effective DDoS attack on a server, creating problems in its operation. This attack can continue as long as possible until the server owner pays a ransom. Recently, DDoS attacks have been used as a means of political pressure when the official resources of a state are attacked.

In addition, botnets are used as a means of anonymous internet access so that it is safe for a cyber criminal to hack into websites and steal passwords from infected computers. A separate type of crime is leasing botnets and setting up zombie networks for sale.

To date, the development of botnet technologies follows several paths. The management interface is simplified, bots are protected from detection by antivirus software, botnets actions are becoming more invisible even for specialists. Prices in the botnet market are getting lower, ease of zombie network management is available even for understanding teenagers, effective means to stop the creation of bots and networks practically none. There is an opinion that the whole internet is one big botnet.

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