What householders

Housewives can choose a home rather than a career voluntarily or involuntarily, becoming a victim of circumstances. Women belonging to the first type are usually quite happy with their lives and happily devote their time to caring for family and household chores, allowing their husband to earn money. Another option is less successful: a woman is forced to give up her career because of her husband’s demands or lack of suitable work. For business ladies, this turn of events is often quite unpleasant.

Housewives, unfortunately, are sometimes ungroomed, confined only to their family, lazy, not interested in anything and not following themselves. This image has even become stereotypical. However, there are many housewives of a very different type – beautiful, tight-knit, intelligent, not sacrificing themselves to household chores, but combining them with self-improvement and care and themselves. They find time for fitness classes, swimming, etc., shopping trips and beauty parlors, while cooking, cleaning the apartment, taking care of children and husband. For them, taking care of themselves comes first and home hassles in second place.

A separate category should be distinguished elite housewives, which sometimes become the wives of very rich men who occupy a high position in society. Such women tend to try to follow their appearance, to read a lot, to be interested in their husband’s affairs, to become a worthy companion for him at parties and secular rauts. They don’t have enough time for household chores, so such ladies can hire servants for cooking, cleaning, taking care of children, etc.

There are also professional housewives who are genuinely passionate about their concerns and understand that caring for their husband and children, as well as doing household chores, is a difficult job that requires special knowledge and smarts. Such a woman is constantly improving, trying to learn as much as possible about housekeeping. She can study the features of interior design and repair, read specialized books by experienced psychologists about parenting, regularly use new recipes, etc. custodians of the home hearth, able to make the life of their family comfortable.

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