What happened at the Dark Knight premiere in Denver

Everything happened at night, at the premiere screening of the third film about the Dark Knight. Just half an hour after the start of the screening, shots also rang out during one of the chase and gunfire scenes in the auditorium. According to eyewitnesses, people immediately didn’t understand what was going on, considering the shooting part of special effects for greater persuasion. It was only when part of the audience fell as savvy that the rest guessed what had happened.

The criminal also threw a smoke bomb into the hall, she contributed even more confusion to everything happening. The shooter at this moment indiscriminately fell on the hall. As experts note, it wasn’t going to die as came through a black entrance in a gas mask and bullet-proof vest. At the end of the massacre he calmly left the cinema and got into the car, where he stayed before the arrival of police.

It turned out that the 24-year-old shooter is a fan of the film and its heroes, but not positive ones. He really liked the character of Heath Ledger, who instilled in all horror – the Joker. He was the one he wanted to emulate. For his sake, when preparing an attack on the cinema, the criminal even repainted his hair red color. There’s a version that he’s addicted to a painkiller from the category of narcotic – vicodin. It was this drug that killed the performer of the role of the Joker.

The relatives, loved ones, friends and classmates of the Denver shooter still do not understand how such a thing could happen and what caused such a massacre of absolutely unfamiliar young men. After all, James Holmes (that’s the name of the criminal) was characterized only on the positive side. Neighbors call him attentive and circumspect. Also, he always studied well and was an inquisitive and lively child.

What drove him to such a brutal murder, now find out in the police. In America, national mourning has been declared for the tragedy. And in France, where the film was scheduled to premiere on the same day as Denver, members of the film crew and performers of the main film roles decided to cancel the premiere screening of the film in sign of sorrow for the dead.

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