What Google is accusing Microsoft and Nokia of

About the history of the issue

In 2011, Nokia and Microsoft teamed up for the release of Lumia smartphones based on Windows Phone OS. Thus Nokia planned to correct its clearly staggered position in the mobile market and entered into a heavy competition with gadgets based on much more popular operating systems IOS and Android.

Shortly after the release of the first Lumia line, the newly minted alliance unexpectedly reached a deal with the Canadian company Mosaid Technologies, which resulted in the transfer of rights to the two thousands of patents and patent applications previously owned by Nokia and Microsoft.

The Canadian company itself does not produce any gadgets and is not going to produce yet — this has aroused suspicions of analysts Google.Inc. They suggested that Mosaid is a “troll”, which, having conspired with Nokia and Microsoft, intends to declare a “patent war” OS Android, and therefore its owner — Google.

About “patent trolling”

“Patent trolling” is not uncommon in global business. For clarity it is possible to cite the Russian example of the late 90’s, when enterprising residents of the Moscow region patented an “invention” called “Glass vessel”, which on verification appeared ordinary bottle. Having a patent, ear “inventors” tried to judge part of profits from manufacturers of different kinds of drinks poured into glass containers.

But still in Russia such phenomenon is a great rarity. And here in the US similar business is booming. Especially in the field of telecommunication and Hi-Tech, where the production of the final product uses not one dozen, but even hundreds of patents, and therefore weaknesses and legal loopholes for presentation lawsuits are not difficult to find at all. After all, even technologies honestly developed by different people independently often lead to similar results. For example, who do you think invented radio? Popov or Marconi?

Development of the conflict

It is worth noting that neither Mosaid Technologies, nor even more Nokia or Microsoft any action against Google as a manufacturer of Android devices did not take. The complaint to the European antitrust committee was an attempt to guard against possible trouble. In Mosaid’s ownership, according to estimates of Google analysts are about 1,200 key technologies of the mobile industry, on which it is possible to bring legal action. The result of alleged “patent trolling”, according to Google representatives, could have been increased prices for mobile devices, as well as the introduction of restrictions on the sale of gadgets with Android OS, which would force consumers to buy smartphones with Windows OS.

However, Google did not consider that itself is actually a monopolist. Representatives of Microsoft did not notice that Google.Inc controls more than 90 percent of Internet search and advertising and in turn filed a complaint with the European Union antitrust cabinet. Now, if Google does not take appropriate measures to resolve the conflict, it may be subject to sanctions — a fine. Either in general limit the use of Google services in Europe.

That’s a different story, though.

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