What Google does in Yekaterinburg

Google implements a unique project for specialized shooting of notable places in thirty countries around the world. 3D models of historical objects should look like in reality, because the quality of the shooting is highly accurate.

Yekaterinburg became the first city in the Ural Federal District of the Russian Federation, where Google will carry out its plan, the essence of which is to photograph the streets of the city, various objects of historical and cultural heritage. The goal is to apply panoramic views on interactive maps. It is

pleasant that the Russian city of Yekaterinburg interested the company’s executives, who realize their design in such world-famous cities as New York, Paris and Rome. The project will not only increase the city’s attractiveness, but will also attract public attention from all over the world. Accordingly, the number of tourists who will be interested in the culture and history of the Ural capital will increase.

Photo sessions for Google Street View will last until October 2012. The first panoramas of Yekaterinburg several years ago were made by the company Cityscanner. She carried this out without the help of the city administration. The same company in 2010 took panorama pictures for Yandex.

An additional “Street View” feature will be available on Google maps, which will allow internet users to take a virtual walk through various sites, including monuments and even hotels. All relevant subdivisions of the Ural capital will assist in the implementation of the project. It was ordered by the city manager of Yekaterinburg – Alexander Jacob.

Building models created in 3D format will be available in any browser provided a special plug-in is installed. Then any user can go to maps.google.com and, by clicking in the map window on the Earth Earth button, travel wherever he wants.

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