What gear you need for fishing

The most versatile and necessary thing for fishing is a float fishing rod. She is loved by many for her convenience and simplicity. The float rod consists of a rod, fishing line, float, sinker, leash and hook.

Choose the rod quality, durable and light. It must be balanced and equipped with rings for fishing line. A small hook plays a big role when catching fish, because it should keep your prey. Choose a sharp, strong and little-visible product. Try a hook on a bend, a good tackle will spring. When selecting, consider the size of the expected catch. For small fish take No. 1-3; for wobble, snag, small bream – No. 4-6; for large bream, carp, carp – No. 7-10; for catching zander, pike, catfish and other large fish buy No. 10-15.

The fishing line also requires close attention, because it must withstand your catch. Don’t use the old tackle, it becomes fragile over time. The fishing line must be inconspicuous in the water, without inflections and irregularities along the entire length. This tackle also needs to be bought by size (diameter).

For fishing small fish, take the fishing line diameter from 0.10 to 0.15 mm; for carat, ersha, snapping, perch – from 0.15 to 0.18 mm; for larger specimens of the same species – from 0.25 to 0.3 mm; for sazan, zander, white cupid – from 0,35 to 0,4 mm; for catfish, thickwood, barbel, large cupid – from 0,5 to 1 mm. Choose and color this inventory. By day use clear colourless fishing line, dark blue, green, light brown and grey products are available for night fishing.

For a float rod you will need reels as well. The small product will not damage the maneuverability and ease of the rod, you will be wound by hand. But to catch large fish you will need inertial-free coils, they will help draw out large prey.

The success of fishing can depend on a little thing like a leash. It protects the fishing line from scraps, distributes evenly load, makes the hook less visible. For the leash, take the diameter of the line less than the main one by 0.10 mm, its length must be 20-25 centimeters.

The most popular kind of sinker is the common lead crusher, it can be simply clamped with your fingers around the fishing line. You can buy this tackle in the shape of a spindle or stem.

Floats are needed for the hook to be at the depth you need and for you to see if the fish is pecking. Choose them too, focusing on the size of the catch. Light and small floats – for “trivia”, they are used near the shore complete with 2-4 meters rod. If the water is calm, take the product with the least resistance, catch perch, roach, bream and carob. If you observe a strong current, choose a barrel float. For distant castaways, special tackles with sufficient weight are needed.

When you learn to manage with a float rod, consider acquiring spinning. They are used to catch moving bait of predatory fish. To the spinners, too, you need to pick up tackles.

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