What fine is faced by drunk drivers


efforts of former Russian President Dmitry Medvedev legislatively cancelled permission to drink a little soft alcohol before sitting down for steering wheel. However, MPs decided to soften this decision as they felt that it is unfair to put all drivers in the same position and to punish with deprivation of rights and the one who drank a glass of champagne in front of the road, and the one who used a bottle of vodka. Therefore, it was decided that it was necessary to determine the severity of intoxication before fining the accused driver.

For example, 0.3 ppm of alcohol in blood today is not considered dangerous and punishable. If the driver’s tests reveal from 0.3 to 0.7 ppm (approximately a couple of glasses of beer), he can be fined 20 000 r. Plus another violator will be stripped of rights for a year. If in the blood of the driver will be found from 0.7 to 1.5 ppm of alcohol, the penalty will be more severe – 50 000 r. and deprivation for 2 years. 1.5-2 ppm involve punishment in the form of 100,000 r. fine and deprivation for 2 years. rights for a period of 3 years. Strong intoxication, or 3 ppm is a 200,000 r fine and a ban on driving for 5 years.

Since the Russian man is on a knee, he may well get behind the wheel repeatedly intoxicated and after he has been deprived of his rights. Therefore, legislators are trying to draft a bill that will provide for such an offense not only administrative liability, but also criminal liability. As an option, the amendment which will allow to withdraw the car from the driver who got behind the wheel drunk not for the first time is considered.

Other countries have long had tough laws against such offenders. So, for example, in China, a driver who has committed an accident while drunk and fatal, will be shot. An American drunk driver immediately goes to jail for up to 6 months. And exceptions do not make for anyone, even if it is a relative of the president or a world star. In brotherly Belarus the penalties are also quite severe. The amount of sanctions can reach $12500. In case the driver is re-caught drunk driving, he will be sent for compulsory treatment for alcoholism to a specialist clinic.

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