What films – Cannes Festival participants will be released in summer 2012

The winner of the film festival was directed by Mikhail Heneke’s film “Love”. The film was honored with a golden palm branch. The Grand Prix received the film tape directed by Matteo Garrone “Reality”.

From 18 to 24 June in the Moscow cinema “35 MM” within the framework of the program “Other Cinema” showed the brightest films, which became the winners of the world festivals. The premiere season was opened with a screening of Michael Haneke’s film “Love”. On June 24, director Bernardo Bertolucci’s film “You and Me” was shown.

Until the end of 2012, all films that took part in the main categories of the Cannes Film Festival will be released: the film directed by Walter Salles “On the Road” co-production France-Brazil; Hong Sang-soo of Korea “In Another Country; “In the Mist” directed by Sergei Loznitz; “A Taste of Money” – Im Sang-soo; “You Haven’t Seen Nothing” – Alain Renee; “Gazetchik” – Lee Daniels; “Mud” – Jeff Nichols; “Share of Angels” by Ken Loach; “Beyond the Hills” by Christian Mungiu; “Kingdom of Full Moon” by Wes Anderson; “Cosmopolis” by David Cronenberg; “Casino Robbery” by Andrew Dominick; “The Hunt” by Thomas; “After the Battle” – Yusri Nasralla; “After the Gloom Light” – Carlos Reigadas; “Paradise: Love” – Ulricha Seidl; “Reality” – Matteo Garrone; “Rust and Bone” – Jacqua Odiar”; “The Drunkest County in the World” – Jonah Hillcoat; “Like Someone in Love” – Kiarostami; “Holy Motors” – Leo Caraxa.

In addition, will show the collaborative work of Julio Medem, Laurent Kante, Juan Carlos Tabio, Benicio, Del Toro, Gaspar Noé, Pablo Trapero and Elick Suleiman “7 Days in Havana”; Pablo Trapero’s “White Elephant” ; “Big Night” – Benoit Delepina and Gustava de Kervern; “Anyway Lawrence” – Xavier Dolana; “Children of Sarajevo” – Ayda Begic; “Beasts of the Wild South” – Ben Zeitlin; “Horses of God” – Nabil Ayusz; “Love Without causes” – Joakima Lafossa; “Mishima:Final Chapter” – Koji Wakamatsu; “Miss Beauty” – Ashima Ahluvalina; “Give Me the Boot” – Adam Leon; “Pie” – Moussa Tura; “Beach” – Juan Anders Arango; “After Lucia” – Michel Franco; “Confessions of a scion of the century” – Sylvie Vereda; “Antivirus” – Brendon Cronenberg; “Renoir” – Gilles Bourdeau; “Student” – Darezhan Omirbaev; “Mystery” – Lowe Yeh; “Three Worlds” – Katrina Corsini.

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