What does the recycling fee mean for the car

Special disposal fee for old cars will be charged from September 1, 2012. It will be extended both to buyers of domestic machines and to purchasing imported cars imported to Russia from abroad. Under the new law, the registration passport for the car just purchased will not be issued until the receipt for payment of the fee is presented. The

fee will be calculated at certain base rates, which are currently defined as follows. For a passenger car it will be necessary to contribute to the treasury from 20 000 to 45 000 R. The cargo will cost an order of magnitude more expensive – from 150 000 to 400 000 R. Basic rates can be used for more accurate counting. For example, the coefficient for low-liter cars with a capacity of less than 3 tons will be 0.5. The coefficient of 1 is the rate for machines with an engine capacity of 1.5 to 1.8 litres. The most expensive disposal of the car will cost owners of status machines with 3.5-liter and more engine capacity. In case you purchase a supported machine, you can safely increase your coefficient by 4 times.

The Ministry of Trade of the Russian Federation are confident that the introduction of a recycling fee will help the domestic auto industry to stay afloat amid a sharp reduction in duties on the import of foreign cars. And this will certainly happen because of the fact that Russia has joined the World Trade Organization. The

point of this levy is a kind of guarantee that in a few years the old car, which will already lose its marketable qualities and be subject to recycling, will be removed from the streets of the city. This is due to the fact that its owner has already paid all expenses related to the transportation of the car to the place where it should be disposed of.

The buyer will not have to pay the fee in the event that the automaker itself assumes these costs. However, motorists are confident that such a measure will significantly increase car prices. So, for example, the disposal fee for a powerful car with an engine of 3.5 l will be about 600 000 r.

It will be necessary to pay the fee either directly at customs (when importing foreign cars) or before registration of cars in state bodies of traffic safety inspection.

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