What compensation is given to the flood victims in Cubani


right to receive compensation is not only the residents of flooded Krymsk, also for money can apply and those who suffered in as a result of floods in Gelendzhik, Novorossiysk and other villages of Krasnodar Krai located in the Crimean district.

Immediately after the tragedy, the injured people were given an amount equal to 10,000 p. for the initial costs of basic necessities. She relied on every person who lost his property when the water went down. In case of total loss of property, each family shall rely on 160 000 p. per family member without limitation of quantity. If there was a partial loss of property, the amount of compensation is determined at 75 000 p. per member of the affected family.

In addition, assistance should be provided to those who choose to rebuild their homes in the acquisition of building materials. Families who decide to move should get new housing in other cities in Krasnodar Krai. The list of places for resettlement includes the largest regional municipality – the city of Krasnodar.

Compensation for primary needs was issued immediately without presentation of any documents. With amounts of an order of magnitude larger, this is somewhat more difficult. So, after disaster it became clear that many people lived in Krymsk, but weren’t prescribed. And that means it will be harder for them to get money than the natives. After all, you have to go to court The authorities promise that meetings will be held as soon as possible, and testimony will be taken as evidence of the residence of a family not registered in the affected territory witnesses – neighbors.

Today the receipt of compensations has become somewhat complicated also because there were scammers who try to speculate on the tragedy. Part of impure homeowners have been seen trashing their homes themselves. Others are unreasonably demanding compensation because they were drenched at about the same point by neighbours. So now the authorities, having issued most of the compensations, already begin to be careful and carefully check all incoming applications.

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