What cities in Russia have a Polish visa center

Now several Russian cities have a Polish visa center where citizens can make visa applications to the Polish Republic, pay visa fees and receive processed passports. Now, obtaining a Schengen visa for residents of many regions has been greatly simplified.

Polish visa centers are established with the direct participation and support of the Embassy of the Republic of Poland and consulates general. They make the Schengen country closer, and visa processing services more affordable.

Of course, such centers allow not only to save time for those who are going to go to Poland or other European countries, but also to save significantly. Now there is no need to purchase tickets to Moscow or St. Petersburg and pay for your stay in these cities until you get a visa.

In Rostov-on-Don Polish Visa Center is located at: lane. Dolmanovsky, d. 7d. In Vologda, contact the street. Chelyuskintsev, 47, Yekaterinburg — on the 5th floor of the business center “Vysotsky”, in Smolensk — on the street. Przewalski, d. 1/5. Polish Visa Center in Kazan is located at: Str. 56 Kurashov, Moscow Center – on Marshal Zhukov Avenue. The operating mode of all Centers is from 9:00 to 18:00.

The visa fee, which you will have to pay in the center, is 35 euros, for expedited visa you will be charged twice as much. An additional amount of 18 euros is charged for the delivery of documents to Moscow and back. Please note that you will also need an additional amount of money for compulsory insurance.

Keep in mind that the tasks of the Centres include only receiving documents, checking the correctness of filling out the visa application, delivery of papers to Moscow and back, issuance of documents. The final decision on whether to grant you a Schengen visa is made at the Polish Embassy.

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