What car is the most stolen in Russia

Most often the brand of the most stolen car is determined according to the company insurers, however, by setting the conditions of insurance, they themselves select customers of a certain level of income. Therefore, their statistics are not absolute, but apply to a specific price segment of the car market and are tied to a given region of the country.

So in “Rosgosstrakh” the most stolen car in Russia is called Toyota models Land Cruiser. And in the company “Reso Guarantee” the most popular among hijackers outside Moscow consider VAZ 2170. In the capital, according to this insurer most often kidnap Mitsubishi Lancer, which in a similar rating “Insurance group MSK” takes only the fifth line. And in the first place among stolen cars in the capital from this insurance group stands Mazda 3, in the regions, in their opinion, Chevrolet Lacetti leads. Another nationally known auto insurer, Renaissance-Insurance, calls the nation’s most hijacked Ford Focus.

The Prime Insurance web portal tried to bring all this data into a common table. It can be found in detail by clicking on the link below this article. The general conclusion is: according to the published reports of insurers for the completed year 2011, the most stolen brand of car in Russia is VAZ 2170. The second line in this rating takes the product of the same domestic plant – it is VAZ 2172. Although the Russian car industry is considered far behind the market leaders, but the most popular at hijackers “foreigner” rose only to the third position of rating – is Toyota RAV 4. In a similar list for Moscow leads Mitsubishi Lancer, while traffic police in Moscow and the region the most stolen car of the first half of this year calls Honda CRV model.

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