What became known about the release of the new iPhone

From the latest data of various media, Pegatron plants in mid-summer 2012 have already started collecting the iconic smartphone that is planned launch on sale by Russian distributors around August or September. Before such a significant event, it is planned to be announced.

Future Apple iphone features are known in advance. About this mobile phone comes the glory that it will have a very small dock, comparable except to micro USB. The gadget is also expected to possess 19th contacts. Data transmission will occur at a rate of more than 100 Mbit per second, conforming to the 4G standard. The antenna will also be improved taking into account the shortcomings observed in the previous model.

The phone design will change, too. The front panel will contain materials such as rubber and plastic. And the back will be made of aluminum. The screen will produce in-cell technologies accordingly. Therefore, its diagonal becomes only 4 inches. A camera with FaceTime features will be located in the middle of the case.

The only thing consumers are not ready for is an innovative nano-SIM card, which will need to be purchased to the iPhone 5 smartphone. Europe’s cellular networks have already started to stock up on this unique innovation.

Apple bought for its brainchild the latest technology just developed by Quantance. Newly minted QBoost chips, which will connect to the LTE network, will significantly increase the battery life of the phone.

Most fans of the latest selling smartphone brand from Apple, who have already tried out mobile devices based on the iOS operating system, are set to raid the new gadget from this same firm. Therefore, without even releasing their product, manufacturers of iphone 5 have a lot of potential buyers.

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