What are the first results of the traffic police fight against tinted cars

For the first half of a month after the enactment of amendments to the Rules of the Road in July 2012, traffic police officers stopped on the roads more than 4,000 machines whose glass was coated with tinting film. In most cases, penalties were applied directly on the spot. Drivers took film and received a protocol for payment of a fine of 500 p.

In more complex cases, when the tinting was too tight and virtually nothing to be seen through it, registration numbers were twisted from the machines until the violation was completely eliminated. True, motorists who love dark glass too much turned out to be about 400.

It should be taken into account the fact that if the owner of the car, which is sunken above the measure, decides to remove the tinting right near the traffic police officer, the numbers will not be taken away from him. But he will have to remove the tint film by his own forces, for which in the course are pen-knives, coins, etc. All these objects are very hard scratching the glass. However, if he wants to do so in a car service, he is given exactly a day to eliminate the violation and get his numbers back.

By law, it is permitted to apply tint film with a light permeability of at least 70%. It should be remembered that this rule applies only to the frontal and front side panes. As for the rear side and rear windows, they can be tinted and darker.

According to the results of the ongoing fight against tinting windows there is its own statistics and motorists. According to their observations, the number of petty thefts from cars increased almost 1.5 times. Owners of cars associate this fact with lack of tinting, because now criminals find it easier to see what lies in the car. And, naturally, they are more often tempted to pull anything out of a car left behind in the parking lot.

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