What are taken with them



advance take a list of documents, items and things that are recommended to bring with you exactly to your maternity hospital: security everywhere different, where strictly treasured, and where not.


Fold everything in separate packages: documents; things for “prenatal” and childbirth; things for discharge.
In the folder with documents, add:
– passport;
– generic certificate;
– insurance policy;
– completed exchange card;
– results of AIDS tests;
– results of carried out Ultrasound (if any);
– data with coordinates of maternity hospital (address, telephones).


In advance, know what will be the connection from the maternity hospital with the outside world (only mobile or payphone, telephone reception, etc.), whether it is possible to take camera, camcorder, player. Stock up on paper with pen and pencil (for notes, necessary memos) .Don’t forget about your favorite reading.


Take all necessary hygiene supplies: soap, toothbrush and paste, shampoo, baby soap, face and hand cream, comb, handkerchiefs, toilet paper, pads, face wipes or small terry towel (for wiping sweat if need be), plastic bags for soiled laundry.


Consider a set of clothes for the chamber and things that will be needed in childbirth and after them. Be useful:
– cotton nightgown or long t-shirt, cotton panties;
– socks made of natural fabric;
– slippers (washable).


Take care of additional meals allowed in a particular maternity hospital. Often in demand there is mineral non-carbonated water and herbal tea specially brewed in thermos for childbirth.


For the postpartum period, prepare a comfortable cotton blouse, shirt or robe. Take with you two busgalters with a fastener on the front for feeding, breast pads, milk collection, special nipple pads and a cream to heal possible cracks.


For the care of your newborn, buy diapers. On the checkout, buy a light and warm open shoes, a cap and a cap, a thin and bike diaper, an envelope or one or two children’s blankets. For the envelope you may need sliders or pants with socks, a jacket. The culprit of the celebration needs to prepare clothes according to the size, without amendment to the former belly. All the clothes are on the weather.

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