What are looking for in the Triumphan

Of course, nothing specific is sought in the Triumphal Square — archaeological excavations by law must be carried out before the given the territory will begin construction of new construction projects. The opposition perceived the closure of Triumphal Square as an attempt to move this “hot spot” of protest rallies from the center of the capital away from the eyes of citizens and journalists. The preliminary archaeological excavations under way were simply a pretext for closing the square.

However, it turned out that there was actually an investor willing to invest in the construction of a parking lot under the Place de Triomphe. It was one of the subsidiaries of VTB Bank — Gals Development Company. The choice of this company the government of Moscow explained by the fact that it is already carrying out the design of reconstruction of the hotel “Beijing” located on Triumphalnaya Square.

The idea of building a parking on Triumphalnaya was proposed in 2006, but then nobody wanted to invest in it, and the project was safely frozen. The revival on this issue is directly linked by construction market participants to regular protest rallies in this iconic location, which the opposition most often do not agree on.

However, the idea of construction is quite viable — the cost of one parking space is about 50 thousand dollars for 35 square meters, which includes the parking space itself cars and the driveways to it. Realtors predict that when selling this price will increase at least double.

Experts, however, note that it will not be possible to implement the initial project in full, and it will be revised and resubmitted for approval by the Moscow authorities. This became clear after archaeological and geological surveys were carried out. So the question of construction on Triumphalnaya at the moment remains open.

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