What are Intercepting Parkings

The main purpose of intercepting parking lots is to unload the roads and prevent traffic jams. Previously, this was only relevant in cities of federal importance. This issue is currently on the agenda in all regions, provincial cities and localities.

Interception parking is placed in a convenient location close to public transport, commuter trains, subways and electric trains. There are usually several open or closed parking spaces around the central part of the city or locality where you can leave a personal car and continue on another way transport.

Until recently, Moscow had only one intercept parking near Proletarskaya metro station. To date, many large intercept parking lots have been opened. It is very convenient for people getting to work from the outskirts of the city or from the suburbs on their own transport. If the central streets can be reached quickly enough, further movement by personal road may be hindered or completely suspended due to the accumulated traffic jams. This situation prevents timely reaching the destination. Intercepting parking helps solve this problem.

In cities of federal importance, when entering the parking lot, the driver is issued a special ticket with the inscription “Parking”. It can be used as a travel ticket for metro travel to and from destination. The driver is then required to hand in a contactless card, pay the amount for two subway trips and get his car back. If till 23.30. the driver didn’t manage, he will have to pay the full amount for storage of personal vehicles according to the current tariffs.

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