What are beach libraries

A large number of people prefer to relax on beaches with an interesting book in hand. As it turns out, some major beaches run real libraries every summer. To take the book is not required registration and payment at all, it is enough only to approach the rack and choose the work you are interested in.

A new interesting project called “Beach Libraries” has been launched in some countries. They can already be found on the beach “Gold Coast”, which is located in Odessa in Ukraine, in Italy on the beaches of Montecorice, Castellabate and Pollica-Acciaroli, as well as in Holland on the beach of the port city muiden. Here you can rent a book that interested you for rent and spend an hour or another reading it.

This innovation noticeably makes life easier for tourists and lovers to soak up under the sun on the shore of the reservoir, because now there is no need to carry books with them from home. In the beach library you can take a book or a magazine for your taste. Of course, leaving the resting place, it is necessary to bring the book back.

It is welcome and allowed to replenish the funds of beach libraries with read their own books from the home archive. Reading enthusiasts are offered specially installed umbrellas, which are installed in places away from the shore line, isolated from the splashes of water and the noise of holidaymakers. At the end of the summer season, all editions will be transferred to special vaults, where they will wait for next summer and new readers.

The beach library in Odessa has about 400 books, some of them in a foreign language, designed for tourists from neighboring countries. On the beach, the Gold Coast is allowed to take books with them to read at home, then return back or else bring another piece from the home library in exchange.

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