To whom face cleaning is contraindicated

During mechanical face cleaning, the eels and comedones are removed manually, for this purpose using special sterile tools: Sitechko, Vidal’s needle, Una’s spoonful. The main contraindications for mechanical cleansing are: excessive sensitivity and dryness of the skin, as well as its tendency to inflammatory processes and vascular brittle, eczema, herpes, $ hypertensive disease, furunculosis and even bronchial asthma.

When carrying out ultrasonic cleansing of the face use a device – a scrubber, whose waves penetrate the skin tissues and thereby carry out micromassage. It would seem that such a purge is absolutely safe, but still has its own contraindications. This procedure should be abandoned for people who performed a facelift with the use of golden filaments, who underwent maxillofacial surgery, various tumors and acute infections, as well as for those who has problems with the cardiovascular system. The second half of pregnancy is also considered to be one of the contraindications for ultrasound facial cleansing.

A tube is used to conduct vacuum cleansing of the face, which draws the contents from the exposed pores. However, despite its painlessness and non-traumatic, vacuum cleaning is not suitable for people with dry and sensitive skin, with various dermatoses, inflamed pink eels and extended the vessels of the face. Exposure to vacuum adversely affects vessels with increased brittle, in this case cleaning can even cause bruising. With sensitive skin, the procedure can cause swelling and irritation.

The face should not be cleaned during menstruation days, acute colds, recovery period after surgery, chronic diseases and hypertension, increased hair growth and epileptic disease, as well as in the presence of a huge number of pigmented moles and neoplasms on the skin of the face.

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