The most scandalous Olympic champions

One of the most scandalous Olympiads in history is considered to be the one that took place in 1912. Enumeration of all violations and slices that were recorded on it, fit in a separate book in 56 pages. One of the most high-profile scandals at that Olympics involved an American track and field athlete. His ancestry was an Indian. At the competition he received 2 gold medals and became the leader of those Games. However, the U.S. leadership was unhappy that the first place went to a representative of a tribe with whom the Americans had irreconcilable differences. And America independently demanded to deprive the champion of medals (despite the fact that these awards went to the piggy bank exactly the USA), motivating it by the fact that he is a professional athlete and take part in the Games amateurs can’t. After which the medals were selected and the champion’s career broken.

There was a marathoner scandal at the 1904 games in the United States. It was this discipline that was at that point one of the most promising. To finish first came American Fred Lorz, who significantly overtook his rivals. Later, the mystery of such his jumble opened. After running about a third of the track, he stopped. The reason was simple – he had his legs reduced. However, here the athlete turned up one of fans who accompanied the idols on the car on the route passing nearby. He and offered the retired marathoner a ride to him a little. So they made it almost to the very finishing straight. But as Fred Lortz was disembarking from the car to run further, it was seen by spectators in the stands. So the deception was revealed. After which the medal was passed to the second athlete who came to the finish. However, it turned out that and with his run not everything is so smooth. Literally at the end of the track he got bad, and his trainer put a painkiller prick, which would now be regarded as doping.

Hitler’s dictatorship put its imprint on the 1936 Olympics. Then from participation in competitions suspended the contender for gold in the running from Switzerland. The reason is quite typical of that time and the politics of the Führer – the athlete was married to a Jewish woman.

In 1972, there was a contentious situation between the USA and USSR national basketball teams at the Olympics. The umpires broke the rules and filed a siren testifying to the end of the meeting 3 seconds before the official time expired. As a result, Team America won. However, it was this breach that became the reason to challenge the results. The last half had to be overplayed. At extra time, the USSR national team was able to perform the necessary throw and became the winner. Americans then lost for the first time. Because of this, they boycotted the awards ceremony.

Scandalous champions can be called and a number of athletes who won on the “Olympiad of refereeing errors”. It was held in 1932 in Los Angeles. Here almost every competition was disrupted due to incorrect work of judges and umpires. So, for example, the athlete who ran 2 meters less than the one who came to finish second won the 200 meters. Linked it to technical imperfections of the tracks.

The first doping scandal unfolded in 1988 in Seoul. Then the Canadian sports-runner finished the distance with an unexpectedly high result – 9.79 seconds. It is natural that he received a gold medal. However, two days later, it was stripped of due to the fact that the champion’s use of doping was established.

The Salt Lake City Olympics is also rich on scandals. Russian fans joyfully celebrated getting the first place in sports figure skating by Elena Berezhnaya and Anton Sikharulidze. However, the American side did not like such a layout, because their favorites were Canadians. Conversations began that Russians bribed judges, as a result of which got a prize. In order to avoid further gossip, an unprecedented decision was made, and two pairs – Russians and Canadians – went to the award ceremony for gold medals.

Problems with obtaining a medal arose also at the single woman Irina Slutskaya. The judges felt that the program of American Sarah Hughes was better than that of the Russian. However, according to international observers, things were not right at all. But the judges remained adamant – Slutskaya has second place as a result.

Another nuisance at the same Olympics happened with Russian skier Larisa Lazutina as well. At the moment when she was already a step away from the gold medal, she was disqualified, explaining it by the fact that the athlete on the results of tests took banned drugs.

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