The better to quench thirst

During the summer of the year, the human body loses much more moisture than any other. Sometimes losses amount to up to four liters per day. And if they are not replenished, it is possible to deteriorate wellness down to fainting. Eated foods partially overlap these losses, but drinks account for nearly two-thirds of the moisture entering the body from outside. That is why it is crucial to correctly pick what you are going to quench your thirst. The

primacy in the degree of thirst quenching is occupied by ordinary tea. Tea requires far less than water to cope with thirst. Choose to your taste: black, green or herbal; hot, cold or warm. Any kind of this drink will give you relief and help you cope with dehydration.

Mineral water perfectly quenches thirst, supplying a lot of nutrients in the body at the same time. By eating it in a cool way, you will not only refresh, but also help the body to overcome the increased fatigue associated with heat. Choosing mineral water, carefully study the label – the degree of mineralization of more than ten grams per liter is suitable exclusively for medicinal purposes. Add a slice of lemon to it, and its acid will further ease your thirst.

Various fermented milk products will save you in the heat and help you not fall victim to dehydration. Kefir, protokvasha, yogurts – all of them are famous for rapid digestibility, as well as for helping the body to restore intestinal microflora.

Kvass lovers can enjoy this drink in the heat, boldly hoping for its positive impact. It contains amino acids combined with carbon dioxide perfectly quench thirst.

Fighting thirst for drinks such as coffee, juice, beer, sweet soda water and some others is fundamentally wrong. They will only give relief for a while, but within a few minutes you will again feel the first signs of dehydration of the body.

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