Than to feed rabbits

Both ornamental and regular rabbits are fed almost equally. The difference is only in the amount of feed. If meat breeds can eat just over a hundred grams of feed in a day, pets are limited to a maximum of half that weight. Rabbits are eaten frequently (up to 80 times a day), so there should always be fresh hay in the feeder. It is the basis of their diet. Rabbits do not have muscles that peristalate, and hay is just the food that helps the intestine. That is, if rabbits do not eat hay daily, they may begin to have problems with digestive and secretive systems. The

hay should be green, with lots of leaves. It should be dry, not wet. Fresh grass and leaves should also be given in spring and summer. For example, nettle, dandelions, clover, plantain, aspen leaves, rowan, lime trees. But grass (fresh and dried) should not make up the whole diet of animals, especially young ones, because of this they can stop in development.

Rabbits also need to be given fruits, vegetables and root vegetables: potatoes, pumpkins, apples, beets, carrots (in principle, you can only give them cleaning). Before giving the pet food, rinse thoroughly and dry it. Dust and earth can harm the digestive system of rodents. Also rabbits necessarily need to give concentrated feed: peas, oats, corn, lentils, bran, mixed feed. Soak the products for 10 minutes in water before feeding. Several times a week, pets can be given dairy products: simple milk, milk, turn. To keep the animal from getting sick, add vitamins and mineral feeds, as well as salt and chalk.

Regularly give rabbits the young bark of trees: rowan, oak, willow, lime trees. It is this food that will help them drain their teeth. Decorative beasts can also be given a bit of special fodder. Before purchasing it, read the composition of the mixture on the package. A quality product should contain about 20% uncleaned fiber, 15% protein and a maximum of 1% fat.

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