Than to clean silver in home conditions

Clean silver can be with liquid, which is sold in jewelry stores. It costs inexpensive, but well removes dark plaque and other pollution in minutes. Immerse the product into the composition, then pull out and rinse with cold water. Rub thoroughly with a soft rag and dry.

Chlorine-free cleaning creams also perfectly remove old contamination from silver. Apply a little remedy to the product, wait a few minutes, and then rub with a sponge. Carefully rinse the remains, otherwise there will be whiter marks. Cleaning powders cannot be used – they damage metal and leave scratches. The

oral rinse is suitable for cleaning jewelry. Pour a little liquid into the glass, immerse the silver and leave for a day. Rinse and polish with a soft napkin. If there are dark spots, resort to the help of toothpaste, which has a bleaching effect.

Dish detergent solution, lemon juice and soda is suitable for cleaning silver at home. Mix the components in equal proportions – on a teaspoon of each – add 300 ml of water, place the product in a solution and put the container on a slow fire. Boil for about an hour, then brush with a toothbrush.

Do not use chlorine-based liquids, as well as various bleachers — this can trigger the darkening of silver. If you have a versatile remedy that is suitable for cleaning metal, such as aluminum, stainless steel, etc., apply a drop on an inconspicuous piece of silver and see. If there is no reaction, try to film the plaque with it.

Costly silver jewelry is not worth cleaning at home. It’s better to turn to an experienced jeweler. This applies to family utensils, which are of value to you.

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