Than the Batman cloak is dangerous

Cloak is the “native” element of the costume, firmly entrenched behind the hero from the very first appearances on the pages of the comics. Its main purpose is flight: thanks to a special structure (in Christopher Nolan’s trilogy, the property was called the “memory effect”) the cloak, sensing the fall of its owner, became dense, turning into an analogue glider and allowing to peak from any height.

It’s worth giving credit: not so long ago, scientists seriously analyzed one of the episodes of the film about Betman and felt that the cloak would have been deadly for the hero. Yes, a millionaire would have been able to peak from any height and even maybe take off a bit – but the average character speed would have been 80km per hour. Obviously, a “soft” landing would not have to be expected.

Batman often uses his cloak for handy purposes: extinguishes the fire, warms the wounded and actively waves them in a fight. This can be seen especially often in movies and animated series about the superhero (in which the speakers are, clearly, larger than in the comic).

However, the rag cape is not the only device of Bruce Wayne: so, several issues of the comic featured a special version of the cloak, allowing to fly fully and, moreover, which has some supply of weapons (a pair of missiles under “wings”) .$ Obviously, though, that the design was quite cumbersome and was used only on special occasions. Do

not forget that the cloak at times (by the magical will of the screenwriters) became bulletproof and resistant to explosions, making Batman an almost invulnerable target.

But nothing in the world is perfect. Sometimes a large cape becomes dangerous for Wayne himself. So, sent electromagnetic pulse can take the cloak out of the “solid” state, turning elegant planning into a crushing fall. It’s hard to count, apart from how many times the hero (again, thanks to the screenwriters) lit up from behind his cape; clung to ledges and corners; was spotted by the opponent and disoriented. A couple of negative characters even trickled to confuse Batman in a cape by wearing it over his head.

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