Summer Olympic Sports: VMX

The name VMX came from the English phrase Bicycle Motocross, it is a stunt ride on special bikes. This sport is not suitable for everyone, because it requires good coordination and serious physical fitness.

Special small bikes are used for VMX, with a wheel diameter of only 20 inches (about 50 cm). In this case, bicycles for VMX are quite heavy (most commonly used aluminum alloy), this is necessary to prevent the frame from bursting from a heavy impact on landing. The rudder rotates freely around its axle, there are special brakes and pegs (foot supports when performing tricks).

The track for VMX is shorter than for road bike competitions, but it is equipped with numerous obstacles in the form of hills. It is a ring with a length of 350-450 meters, with at least 10 obstacles and at least 4 superelevation, the width of the track is 6-8 meters. It is

possible to train in large cities only in designated places, well developed this sport in Moscow, St. Petersburg, Saransk and 11 other cities of Russia. For example, in Moscow there is an opportunity to practice in Golyanovo (natural park “Elk Island”), Street Park Snezhkom, Skate Park “Kant”, Pokrovskom-Streshnevo, “Lookout” (Vorobyevy Gory), “Oleshki” (in Izmailovsky Park).

VMH is quite traumatic sport, so athletes need special equipment. Necessarily need overlays, knee pads, pansiers, helmets. However, experienced masters rarely get injured – this is most exposed to young impatient athletes who want to learn difficult tricks and jumps faster.

To get to the Summer Olympiad, the athlete has to show good results in the national competition, the European Championship, the World Cup. There are also gatherings and intermediate competitions.

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