Summer Olympic sports: three

Equestrian three-fight was first included in the Olympic Games in 1912. Officers cavalrymen took part in it. These competitions showed how stringed horses were ready to participate in combat and military parades, their abilities and physical training were tested.

Currently, the trieboard competition usually takes place for several days. At first, participants demonstrate the art of riding in a playpen. Uncomplicated exercises are performed, which are graded on a 10-point scale. Then the amount of points for that contest, penalty points for errors and overdue time are counted.

On the second day, the hardest part of the equestrian trifling is carried out – field trials. During the competition, riders must complete a cross-country distance consisting of four segments. The first segment (A) of horses must pass by a variable allure. At the same time, the rider needs to calculate such speed of movement of the horse in order to maintain its strength and at the same time do not exceed the control time of passing this segment (for this, penalty points are awarded).

Participants then pass the stiple-chesa (B) section. Horses must overcome obstacles without hitting them. The distance on a segment (C) is required to travel exactly the same as on a segment (A) — a variable allure. The next leg of the path (D) is a cross. On a plot of approximately eight kilometers long there are four non-collapsing obstacles, they are installed on steep descents, behind turns, in water. For exceeding the control time, fall and defiance of the horse, penalty points are awarded to the rider.

The final part of the three-fight – competition on overcoming obstacles (showjumping). They are held on a special field or in a closed playpen, depending on weather conditions. Participants must pass all obstacles. These are easily assembled structures up to 120 cm tall. If a horse jumps them, they break down. In this case, penalty points are awarded for exceeding the control time, disobedience of the horse, destruction of obstacles, fall of a horse or rider.

In summing up the results of the competition, points for each competition are deducted from the highest amount of points that can be obtained in the tribune, and the amount of penalty points is added. The athlete who has scored the lowest number of penalty points for all the days of the competition becomes the winner in the three-fight.

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