Summer Olympic Sports: Taekwondo

Taekwondo competitions are held in the following types: power breaking of objects, special equipment, sparring and technical complexes.

Power smashing of objects shows how great the force an athlete puts into the strokes being performed. Such a demonstration requires a machine of a specific design. The boards are secured into it, which the taekwondist must smash with his hand or foot. Every successful attempt increases the number of boards in the machine.

As a result of the program of special equipment, it is possible to determine the effectiveness A competitor must break the board, which is at high altitude, in a jump. The correctness of the kick and ability to land on your feet is assessed.

Demonstrate different defensive and attacking movements taekwondists can by performing technical complexes. Athletes simulate a duel with an opponent.

During sparring, athletes apply their skills to practice. Roughness or uncontrollable punches, as well as pain techniques, are prohibited here.

Participants in taekwondo competitions must wear protection: feet, gloves, and special clothing. Footami is called sports shoes that prevent foot lifting injuries. They reduce the stiffness of contact. Groin, forearms, head and shins should also be protected reliably, for example, shrubs and helmets, because taekwondo is a contact sport.

Competitions are held on an area of 12 m, which consists of a mat with elastic coating. The mat is lifted above the floor onto a platform, 1 m high. Directly the scrum takes place in the central blue square of this pad. The remaining area is painted red. The athlete’s arrest in it may be the reason for the termination of the duel at the discretion of the referee.

The competition takes place according to 4 weight categories of athletes. For men, these groups are up to 58, up to 68, up to 80 and more than 80 kg, and for women such boundaries are defined: up to 49, to 57, to 67, over 67 kg.

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