Summer Olympic Sports: Table Tennis

In table tennis, two players compete against each other at a gaming table. Athletes can compete and pair on a pair. Participants of the game strike the ball with a racket so that it flies over a net stretched across the center of the tennis table. The ball must land on the side of the enemy in such a way that the opponent cannot repel it.

The player should be struck after the ball bounced off his half of the table. To obtain a point, the latter need to kick the ball with a racket to hit a part of the opponent’s field. The game goes to 21 points minimum. With an equal score of 20:20 or more, the winner must gain a 2 point advantage. At every 5 points, the opponents swap seats at the playing table.

When serving the ball with an open palm is thrown up to a height of 16 cm, and when it falls, it is beaten off with a racket. The serving should strike so that the ball bounced off his part of the table, then flew over the net without touching it. If a touch occurred, a re-feed by that same player should follow. In paired competitions, the serve should be done from the right corner of the table to the right corner of the opponents.

Rules have been set for different situations that may arise during the course of the game. If the ball touched the net but was repelled, the kick is counted. Players cannot touch the free hand of the table or grid. 1 point is taken for this violation. Until the ball bounced, you can’t fight it off. A double blow entails losing a point.

A table with a matte surface measuring 2.74 m long and 1,525 m wide is used to play table tennis. The height of the table shall be 76 cm from the floor. On the sides of the table are 2 cm wide edge lines.

For paired competitions, a table is used, each half of which is divided by a 3 millimeter line in half. The opponent zones define a grid drawn at 15.25 cm above the table. The ball, which players beat off with rackets, must have a diameter of 38mm and a weight of 2.5g. It can be white or orange.

Players take rackets with a wooden core and a flat surface covered with umbilical or puff rubber, which can be no more than 2 mm and 4 mm thick respectively.

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