Summer Olympic Sports: Box

During the first antique Olympic Games, strips of leather were reeled on the hands of boxers. Held battles in gloves began in 1867 in England.

At the Olympics, only men participate in boxing competitions. Two athletes enter the square ring for the bout and strike each other above the belt.

As soon as the gong sounds, rivals try to score points, which are given for the struck blows. Punches prohibited by the rules or carried out without force are not counted. It is permitted to use the joint area of the glove to strike the front or side of the head and torso.

The correctness of the fight is watched by 5 judges. At least 3 of them have to admit a point to be counted. The athlete who scored a higher number of points wins. If a tie comes out on points, the winner is chosen by the team of judges. She assesses the style in which the fight was fought and the ability of boxers to hold the defense.

A boxer can win by knockout if his opponent touches the battlefield with any part of his body other than his feet and fails to stand up for 10 seconds. If the athlete stood up from a knockdown, but after counting down the referee to 8 couldn’t continue the fight after the “boxing” team, the score goes to 10. A boxer can be judged defeated if unable to continue the fight due to injury.

For violation of the rules, such as a blow below the belt, in the back of the head, for passive defense, athletes get a remark. Three comments lead to disqualification.

Competitions are conducted according to 12 weight categories: to 48 kg, to 51 kg, to 54 kg, to 57 kg, to 60 kg, to 63.5 kg, to 67 kg, to 71 kg, to 75 kg, to 81 kg, to 91 kg and more than 91 kg.

The boxing ring is covered with ropes. The distance between them on each side of the square shall be 6.1 m. On the floor of the ring is soft decking. The corners of the ring have their color: red, blue, which are the boxers in, and two white ones.

Fights in the format of the Olympic Games are held for elimination. Athletes are divided only by weight categories, excluding rankings and titles.

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