Reason for Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes divorce

According to ITAR-TASS, actress Katie Holmes cited Scientology as the main reason for divorce. A few years ago, 49-year-old Tom Cruise did not jokingly get carried away with this religious direction. Some expert religious scholars rate Scientological methods of teaching rather negatively. Immersion into Scientology supposedly can devastatingly affect the body and the mental state of a person. Katie Holmes is also related to the Church of Scientology, but has never been a fan of that teaching and has tried hard to put up with her husband’s addiction. The

marriage crisis happened in 2011, according to friends Holmes, as if she came back, came to life. It was during this period that 33-year-old Katie restarted her communication with friends abandoned by her after her marriage to Cruise. She began to travel more, to go to visit. Five years ago, when Katie told Tom “Yes,” according to the accounts of friends, “from a cheerful, easy and young girl she turned into Tom’s silent reflection.” Now it’s all back on laps of its own.

For Tom Cruise, news of the divorce came as the most “unexpected and eerie surprise” of his life, the actor admitted to Peeple reporters.

The final straw for Katie was Tom’s attempts to infuse Scientology with their mutual daughter, 6-year-old Suri. The mother intends to shield the girl from the influence of sectarians, as she sees Scientology from Cruise’s submission becoming important and fascinating to Suri.

To date, Cruz and Holmes have entered into a daughter’s water agreement. Katie secured full custody of the girl, and Tom was given the right to see Suri periodically, but under the supervision of her mother. The condition has become mandatory as the actor’s former spouse still fears that the girl’s father will again make attempts to engage her in his faith.

The fortune of the star couple, who struck up their marriage in November 2006, is more than $275 million. It will be divided according to the terms of the marriage contract concluded by the couple on the eve of the wedding.

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