Life and health: rules and recommendations

To feel good, you need to eliminate factors that negatively affect human health. Rational eating, physical activity, reducing alcohol consumption or abandoning it and smoking are all basic principles of a healthy lifestyle. It is also important to control your body weight, blood pressure and cholesterol levels.

The weight gain is often led by an unbalanced diet. If a woman’s waist is greater than 88 cm and men’s 102cm, the risk of heart disease increases repeatedly. In this case, urgently pay attention to your nutrition and physical activity. See what you eat, count the calorie content of the usual menu and try to reduce it — primarily by increasing the proportion of plant food: fruits and vegetables. By reducing the amount of salt in your daily diet, you will be able to reduce the risk of cardiovascular disease by 25%. And one glass of water, drunk on an empty surface before eating, will speed up metabolism by 30% within an hour. Take advantage of this to run the calorie burning process.

Try to move more, walk in quick step 30-40 minutes a day. You can start small – with 10 minutes, gradually increasing the time. Forty minutes of physical activity at least three times a week increase life expectancy. Swimming, aerobics, gymnastics, cycling and outdoor walks are particularly useful.

Remember that the body needs eight hours of sleep to rest fully. When regularly falling asleep, a person gets older faster, and his life expectancy decreases by three years.

Scientists at the University of Chicago and Emory University (USA) concluded that people happy with their relationships with loved ones are slower to age, sleep better and respond better to vaccines than singles. Isolation from themselves increases the risk of developing a wide variety of diseases. Medics ruled that “treating loneliness is no less important than fighting smoking.”

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