Is Higgs boson found

Search for confirmation of the existence of the Higgs boson was stated by the European Centre for Nuclear Research – CERN – in the first lines of the agenda studies to be carried out at the Hadron Collider in Switzerland. This organization provides scientific guidance to the entire project of creating and operating an accelerator that is not equal to our planet. This unit must accelerate elementary particles – protons – to the maximum speed possible and collide them among themselves. The electronica registering everything that occurs in a collision collects and processes data from which scientists must draw conclusions about the processes generated by this collision. This means there were three major problems in the whole project. The first is to create equipment that is capable of pushing protons among themselves at sufficient speed. The rate at which the Higgs boson should manifest itself was deduced theoretically, and scientists were able to obtain it using a collider. The second is to obtain from measuring electronics data that you can trust. CERN claims vessels, in five years since the launch of the accelerator, this problem has also been solved and the accuracy of the recorded data is expressed by five sigma constants – this is enough to count obtained results are reliable.

The last bottleneck remains – scientists’ interpretation of the results. The data recorded in two experiments with the names CMS and ATLAS, which were carried out by physicists assess them as evidence of the existence of a previously unrecorded particle. Its properties in the experiments carried out corresponded to those attributed in theory to the Higgs boson. Therefore, CERN is sure of the discovery of a new particle, but do not yet declare unambiguously about the detection of the Higgs boson.

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