How Yandex.Taxis works

The official opening of this service can be dated to early October 2011. Initially, users could download the app for their mobile devices. On July 3, there was news about the launch of the web version of the program, which will increase the influx of users of It is now known that the mobile app has been downloaded more than 400,000 times.

There are no restrictions on the web version of this product. All your contact details, past taxi routes, etc. are stored in a shared database, allowing you to complete your order in seconds. You can leave an application in advance and specify the time when you want to see a taxi.

Yandex contracts only with those taxi companies, which have at least 100 machines permanently free. Thus, you can know exactly that waiting for a car will not have long. However, do not forget that all offers need to be filtered, because some of them may differ at a high price.

All you need to work with this service is authorization (authentication) on the website of the search engine “Yandex”. To do this, click the link specified in the “Additional Sources” block. On the downloaded page, enter the login and password into the special form, which is located to the left of the search line, or click on the “Login to Mail” link and enter the login password pair.

It is in the company’s prospects to create similar offerings for other major cities as well. So far, 10 cities with a population of more than 1 million inhabitants are being considered. Note the peculiarities of the use of “Yandex.Taxi”, this service was created for profit. Therefore, companies that own fleets of machines will give up to 10% of the proceeds from orders received in this way. Consequently, the fare price may increase.

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