How WorldCIS 2012

Canada’s Internet Security Congress is one of the most famous events dedicated to theory and practical implementation security on the Internet and computer networks.$ The congress was attended by representatives of many countries, while computer security specialists who were unable to attend the event in person could make presentations in the form of video conferencing.

The following main areas were presented at the congress: access control, information security, network security, Internet applications and technologies, multimedia and web services, $ electronic society, current current research.

The access control section covered topics such as user identification, intrusion detection, resource utilization control, security protocols, $ secure information flows, architecture security and many others.

The information security section was presented with topics such as biometrics, cryptography, distributed security systems, network and protocol security, authentication methods, $ security of wireless networks, authorization problems, etc.

Issues related to network security included broadband technologies, optical networks, Internet security techniques, network architecture, protocols and standards, wireless networks and protocols, privacy checks for RFID systems, network applications and services, and others.

During the discussion of the development of Internet applications, the following issues were discussed: Internet architecture and technology, anonymity and privacy, artificial intelligence systems, networking security, database management, Internet security systems, electronic voting, self-organizing networks, traffic measurement and analysis, data transfer security, virtual networks, etc.

Media and Web Services were presented during discussions on multimedia information systems, media security, web databases, virtual reality, security databases. Many other issues were discussed during the congress.

Numerous round tables were held during the congress, which allowed to discuss the most topical topics. Applications were submitted until 31 January 2012, the duration of the discussion was limited to one and a half hours. Following the results of the congress, a special collection with the most interesting materials will be produced.

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