How World Knitting Day goes by in public

World Knitting Day is celebrated every second Saturday in June. As a rule, it is charitable — related items on that day are transferred to orphanages, to help the needy or sold at fairs (money is also directed to charity). To make the work more efficient, participants bring tied in advance blanks or finished items, and at the holiday just stitch together the details.

Participants will learn about the upcoming holiday in advance, from ads or the internet. Official fee locations are published on, but in many cities the holiday is organized simply by social media. Having gathered together in a public place – a park, a park, a square, a cafe – the participants indulge in their favorite business. Knit can be both spokes and crochet, depending on desire. Even those who do not know how to knit can participate in the event – often master classes and training lessons are organized.

Sometimes a celebration of knitting lovers is organized by shops trading yarns and needlework goods, or they can sponsor this holiday. In this case, in order to make the event more interesting, competitions, fashion shows, exhibitions are held, prizes and gifts are provided for the best participants. Everyone can show their skills and talents, unlock their potential.

Today, this celebration is held in more than 350 cities around the world, that is, wherever there are knitting lovers. If you haven’t heard of such a day in your city or area — organize it yourself. Reach out to those who like to knit, with social media or media, come up with a goal (like helping the nearest orphanage), place and gathering time — and wanting a must will be found.

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