How World Kiss Day in Russia

World Kiss Day is celebrated annually on July 6. This holiday originated at the end of the nineteenth century in Great Britain. It gained the status of an international event decades ago when it was approved by the United Nations.

World Kiss Day is celebrated in different countries, including Russia. In many cities there are interesting actions, contests, competitions, flash mobs, etc. Prizes are often played among the participants. In Russia on July 6, 2012, the all-Russian youth flash mob “The Most Mass Kiss” was traditionally held. One goal was to attempt to set a new world record.

In addition to the all-Russian youth flash mob, other, equally bright events took place in different cities. In Saratov, this day was also remembered for the competition for the most loved-up couple. This event was held in two stages.

The first was the contest for the longest kiss. The second stage was that the winners of the first competition had to tell the story of their acquaintance. The judges in this competition were spectators. It was they who chose the most romantic lovers. The winners were five couples; they received free tickets to the Pioneer Cinema.

About three thousand people took part in the all-Russian flash mob “The Most Mass Kiss” in Tyumen. The event was held on the Tura River waterfront. Participants had to be lined up in pairs so that the phrase “I love Tyumen” turned out. Those who didn’t have a pair came to the waterfront with special heart stickers and could approach anyone with the same sticker and ask for permission to kiss.

In Nizhny Novgorod, the flashmob “The Most Mass Kiss” was organized on Bolshaya Pokrovskaya Street. More than fifty people attended the event. There was also a competition for the title of the most passionate couple. It was contested by six pairs. Winners won a free go to the movies.

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