How will the new Lada Largus

Lada Largus’s appearance is comparatively simple. This is what a Russian-made working car should look like. The body of Lada Largus is replete with right angles and even lines. The interior finish, thankfully, immediately interrupts the first impression. The driver’s chair is equipped with lumbar adjustment. The steering wheel can be adjusted for almost any driver due to vertical adjustment.

There is an interesting feature in the second row of seats: seat belt locks are recessed into the side walls of armchairs. The third row seats are located directly above the wheels. This creates a certain discomfort to passengers when driving on a rough road. Fortunately, the body features allow people with high stature to feel comfortable enough even in the third row.

The length of the car is 4 m 47 cm and the width is 1.75 m. Lada Largus cars will be fitted with engines of two types. In the first case, the buyer will receive an 8-valve engine with a capacity of 1.6 l. The more powerful powertrain is equipped with 16 valves and has an identical volume of.

Maximum power will be 5500 and 5750 kW respectively. Both types of cars will be front-wheel drive and meet the Euro-4 exhaust standard.

Distinguish three main car types Lada Largus and 9 different sets. ABS is not available only in standard sets of 5-seater model and van. Side airbags can be installed in luxury assemblies. Simultaneously, they initially feature a front passenger cushion.

Also in the luxury models are the information LCD display of the on-board computer, the height adjustable driver’s seat, heated seats (front only). The air conditioning is originally built in only the 7-seater luxury model with the SOP2 engine.

It is important to note that the possibility of vertical adjustment of the steering column is present in absolutely all models, and the tinting of windows is not available only in the “Standard” sets.

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