How will the Chamber Music Festival “Ameropa” in Prague

The idea of Ameropa organization belongs to Professor Vadim Mazo, who with the help of his friends held the first festival in 1993 at Jan’s Gymnasium Neruda and at the Academy of Performing Arts. Participants in this event were from the United States and Czech Republic.

Since 2001 Ameropa in Prague has been held annually. Over the past thirteen years, more than nine hundred collectives from fifteen countries have participated in it: from the United States, Czech Republic, France, Israel, Germany, Taiwan, China, Holland, Japan, etc.

The main purpose of the event is to obtain knowledge about cultural traditions, develop these traditions, establish contacts between professional musicians and amateurs music.

The Ameropa Festival in 2012 will take place in the ancient halls of Prague Castle, New Town Hall, Troy Castle, St. Agnessa Monastery. Themes of the event: “Music of composers of the Second Vienna School and its influence in the 20th and 21st centuries in Europe, Prague and Terezin”.

In the repertoire of concerts of the festival, the performance of chamber music by students and professional groups. Participants will perform Spanish baroque, compositions of medieval troubadours, masterpieces of French art. It will be possible to listen to dance baroque music of Southern Europe, Portuguese fado and English baroque operas.

One week of the event is dedicated to individual sessions for musicians participating in the festival. Rehearsals will be led by highly professional teachers.

Ameropa International Music Festival will allow participants to make new acquaintances, improve their musical education, start a professional career, and amateurs – enjoy the chamber music. On the days of the event, you can also take a tour of this wonderfully beautiful Czech city to admire ancient architecture and visit the museums of Prague.

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