How will tariffs change for housing and communal services in Moscow in 2012

According to officials, the increase in prices for housing and communal services for the whole year will be only 5%, which is on the same level with inflation. Experts calculated that the price increase will pass at about the level of 12% for two admissions. If you take as a basis the calculations of officials and post an increase of 12% for the whole year, just the increase in the price of services within the limits of inflation.

The increase in tariffs will affect practical all sections of the receipt for payment. So, for example, will rise in the price of social employment. Rates will be divided depending on the location of the house. The concept of two zones will appear. The first will refer to areas within the Third Ring of Transport, the second – all others. Depending on the territorial division, the cost of services will also be included. So, for example, in houses with amenities and an elevator, social housing in the first zone will equal 2.58 p. per square meter against 2.06 p. In the second zone the increase is somewhat more democratic – 2 R. instead of 1.6 R. In houses where the elevator is absent the cost of social employment in the building of the first zone will cost 1.14 p against 0.91 p, in the second zone – 0.86 r instead of 0.69 r.

Price increases, such as maintenance and repairs, will also be affected. In houses where there is an elevator, garbage pipe and other amenities for the square of housing it will be necessary to give 13.5 p against 10.8 r., acting before the price increase. You could say lucky to those who live in such houses on the ground floor. For them this article will rise in price to 11.76 p., from 9.41 p. In case there is no garbage pipe in the residential building, the article for the maintenance and repair of housing will be more expensive as follows: 12,72 p instead of 10,18 r. Apartments on the ground floor are estimated differently: 10,98 R. instead of 8,78 R. In those rooms, which are in buildings with a garbage pipe and without an elevator, the increase in price will occur up to 11.76 r., against 9.41 r. If in the house there is no elevator, no garbage pipe the norm will be 10,98 p against 8,78 p., and this figure does not depend on the floor. Low-rise buildings will cost 10,90 R. instead of 8,71 R.

Water is not keeping up with these indicators. The tariff is indexed twice. Cold water will go up by almost 2 rubles in summer and another ruble in autumn. As a result, it will turn out: 25.61 r. from 1.07.2012 and 26.75 from 1.09.2012 against 23,31 r. in force before the increase. Hot water will be more expensive in different ways, depending on which company the house serves. So, for example, if the service company “MOEK”, the tariffs will increase as follows: from the first of July 111,44 p., from the first of September 116 p., against the existing to increase 105,45 p. In case the house is under the maintenance of “Mosenergo” and “MTK”, prices will be more democratic. 89,68 p. and 93,38 p. vs. 84,62 p.

The cost of heating will also increase. In those houses served by “MOEK”, instead of 1325,70 R. /Gcal to 1385,32 p. /Gcal. Residents of buildings, which are under the patronage of “Mosenergo”, 1034,06 p. /Gcal instead of 989.53 p. /Gcal.

Gas and electricity supply are not keeping up. As a result of the apartment, where the gas stove and centralized hot water supply, the cost will be 39,01 R. instead of 33,91 R. In residential areas with gas stove and the same heater – instead of 84,98 p. 97,76 r. Owners of apartments with a gas stove with a missing gas heater and centralized hot water supply will have to pay 48,88 R. instead of 42,49 R.

As for electricity, it will go up in price next. Where there are electric plates the cost per kilowatt will be 2.81 R. instead of 2.65 R. In those houses where gas ovens – 4.03 r. vs. 3.80 r.

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