How was the first “VeloNight” in London

Project “VeloNight” was proposed by Sergey Nikitin, associate professor of the Department of Theory and History of Culture of RUDN (Russian University of Friendship of Peoples) in 2006 year. In his idea are bicycle excursions, with the help of which people could get acquainted with history, architecture, admire the scenery of the most beautiful cities in the world. Such excursions have been carried out with great success in Moscow, St. Petersburg, New York and Rome.

Now the turn has reached London, which this year hosts the XXX Summer Olympics and on this occasion tries to satiate its cultural life as much as possible.

Here at midnight from 23/24 June and the night walk on the 28km route took place in east London kicked off. Participants of the tour were not only Russians, but also British people who reacquainted themselves with the history and architecture of this part of the city.

The contestants went to the stories of very famous people. On the radio there were lectures by Richard Rogers, the most famous English architect, as well as Peter Ackroyd, historian, author of a large number of monographs tracing the changing life over the centuries brits. Historian Sergei Romaniuk told about the history of Russian London.

Participants of “VeloNight” not only visited the historic part of the city, but also visited the modern facilities – the Olympic stadium and the Olympic village in the Stratford area.

The walk ended at five a.m. local time, with the finale of the route being the Canary Wharf business quarter. Here participants of “VeloNight” met with its program a string ensemble.

Cycling excursionists were very satisfied with this format of acquaintance with the history of architectural heritage. Well, the hardiest of them at ten in the morning witnessed another event of the festival of architecture and design, in which teams of professional designers competed in the structures layouts of buildings from thousands of canning cans.

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