How was the first match of the Russian national team at Euro 2012


first ten minute of the meeting Czech players were more active than the Russians – held the ball for longer and immediately began pressing when losing the ball. In the 12th minute our players got the right to a corner, which did not lead to a scoring moment, but became a mark in the chronology, after which there was a certain game advantage of the Russian national team. And the key one in this half was the episode, which happened a few minutes later. First Alan Dzagoev intercepted the ball almost in midfield, outplaying two Czech players, and sent it to the right flank of our attack. This was followed by a precise transfer to Alexander Kerzhakov, who punched on goal, but got into the bar, and Dzagoev, who was again in the right place, sent the ball into the net. Having conceded a goal the Czech players were forced to attack more, which created free zones in their defence. In the 25th minute, the Russians took advantage of it – Roman Shirokov hooked up Andrei Arshavin’s attack, who sent the ball into the line of attack, to Kerzhakov. That couldn’t reach for the ball, but it turned out perfectly at Shirokov, already moved to strike position – the score became 2-0. So he stayed until the break in the match. The

second there began with an exchange of attacks – the Czechs were driven forward by the need to play back, and our players did not refuse opportunities, which in this regard appeared. But alas, one of the attacks of the Russians was interrupted by opponents so successfully that a long-range pass brought out Vaclav Pilarz practically one-on-one with our goalkeeper. The Czech realized the moment for all 100% and the score became not so comfortable for the Russian national team – 2:1. The goal encouraged the opponents and the Russians needed to make a lot of effort to extinguish their activity in attack. By the middle of the half it was succeeded, besides the players of both teams began to tire of active actions. Both coaches attempted to freshen up the attack by making on substitutions after the 73rd minute and then releasing one more player each for the 85th. In our national team Dick Advocate first replaced Kerzhakov with Roman Pavlyuchenko and then Dzagoev with Alexander Kokorin. But before this replacement Dzagoev managed to distinguish himself once again – after Sergei Ignashevich’s failed pass the ball from the Czech defender bounced to Pavlyuchenko, who instantly passed it to Alan, and that punched hard and exactly. After only 3 minutes, Pavlyuchenko scored himself, receiving a pass from Arshavin and outplaying the Czech defender. The first match of the Russian national team at Euro 2012 ended 4-1, boosting the hopes of fans for a successful performance of the national team at this tournament.

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